“Kevin used [Star Trek] to explain the ideals of humanity and remind us that being people of faith is not merely about being spiritually minded, but it is also about taking care of our earthly responsibilities. Then I asked him to speak in Klingon. He did. I was impressed. This lecture was easily the highlight of [the conference].”

Adam D. Jones, Editor, Thinking Through Christianity


“Kevin has always had the particular knack of being the most intelligent and eloquent person in the room. His natural abilities as a speaker are balanced only by his compassion for the people around him. His audience immediately connects with him as someone who is being genuine. And in this day and age, I can’t think of a more crucial quality than being genuine.”

David Hopkins, Award-winning Comic Book Writer/Essayist



“Kevin is a wonderful rethinker and I can attest to his open and inquisitive brain having enjoyed hours of great conversation with him. … You will love him; I just know it.”

Barb Lundgren, Owner, Rethinking Education; Editor, Home Education Magazine


“Kevin C. Neece has been a close colleague, friend and ally of mine for about a decade. His enthusiasm, tenacity, vision and imagination are unsurpassed. He embodies the scholarly creative impulse. [Audiences] are deeply affected by his passion, his understanding, his viewpoints, his love of God and love for learning.”

David K. Naugle, ThD, PhD, Internationally Recognized Author/Speaker; Distinguished University Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Dallas Baptist University

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