Kevin C. Neece is an accomplished speaker and expert on Jesus films. Below are some of his presentations and lectures on the subject. You can learn more about Kevin and Jesus Films 101 or BOOK KEVIN as a speaker for your school, church or event.

Christography: The History of Jesus on Film – Based on Kevin’s Master’s thesis, this journey through over a century of cinema covers the entire development of the genre of Jesus films, from 1897 to today. Focusing on the broad sweep of history, Kevin shows how changing ideas about Jesus have been explored over time and discusses the sometimes difficult relationship between church culture and the filmmaking community. Presented as a single 45-minute presentation or a multi-part lecture series.

Discussion Screenings – These events can be a wonderful way to expose people to a variety of Jesus films and spark fruitful dialogue about the films and about Jesus. Available as single sessions or multi-day “Jesus film festivals,” discussion screenings are excellent for churches and schools or for use during the Easter season. Contact Kevin to discuss possible film selections.

Playing God: Jesus Actors on Film – This presentation explores how some of the greatest actors to play Christ have interpreted him, comparing and contrasting their sometimes wildly different approaches to one of the most challenging roles in history. In so doing, Kevin discusses how different views of Jesus help shape our understanding of him. Including glimpses of some of the rarest and most powerful performances of the role of Jesus ever put to film, this 45-minute session is an eye-opening and often emotionally powerful exploration of a diversity of visions of Jesus.

Blood and Spirits: Viewing The Passion of the Christ as an Action/Horror Film – Based on Kevin’s paper of the same title, this session seeks to move beyond the controversy and bad press surrounding The Passion of the Christ by approaching it on its own terms. By reading the film within the context of the action and horror genres, Kevin reconnects audiences with the raw, immediate power of the film and discusses why such a brutal reminder of the bloody violence of the Gospel narrative is so important. 45-minute presentation.

A Hot Coal in My Mouth: My Personal Journey with The Last Temptation of Christ - Based on Kevin’s paper of the same title, this personally revealing session describes how 20 years of studying one of the most hotly debated films of all time has deepened, strengthened and sustained Kevin’s faith in Christ. 45-minute presentation.

Scorsese’s Passion: Wrestling with The Last Temptation of Christ - Over the past 20 years, Kevin has quietly become one of the most knowledgeable people in the country about Martin Scorsese’s headline-grabbing 1988 Jesus film. In this session, he explores myths and misconceptions about the film, the intent of Scorsese in making the film and why, after almost a quarter of a century, The Last Temptation of Christ remains a vital part of the Jesus film genre and a deeply spiritual experience for many. 45-minute presentation, recommended to accompany a screening of the film.

 Jesus Sings!: The Jesus Film Musicals – This lively session covers the three most well-known Jesus film musicals: Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar and Johnny Cash’s The Gospel Road. These films are, to date, the only domestic Jesus film musicals and, amazingly, all were released in 1973! Kevin discusses how each film reflects a different aspect of emerging attitudes about Christ in the wake of the Jesus Movement.

He Opened Not His Mouth: Jesus in the Silent Era of Cinema – Kevin discusses Jesus films made prior to 1933, from well-known classics like The King of Kings to rare one-reel wonders dating back to 1897. This session includes rarely seen footage of some of the earliest cinematic interpretations of Jesus, including the possibility that some of the oldest film in the genre exists now as part of a later film with a somewhat mysterious history. 45-minute presentation.

Black Jesus: Racial Agendas and Assumptions in Jesus Films – Including some of the best and worst in the genre, in this session Kevin explores the dominance of the white Jesus in cinema and how a few films have presented other ethnic interpretations of Christ. 45-minute presentation.

These are just a few available options. Kevin is more than willing to discuss your particular interest and needs and develop a presentation that will be customized for your audience. To talk with Kevin about speaking to your church, school or event, e-mail him or visit the booking page.

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