Top Ten Jesus Films You’ve Never Seen

Top ten lists of Jesus films are a recurring theme and the usual suspects are pretty universal. So, when *catapult magazine was putting together its annual “Ten Things” list for 2012, I thought I might take the opportunity to offer a list of films in the genre that are a bit more under the radar.

Now, there are a lot of small, independent, foreign and silent films on the life of Christ that are rarely seen. So, my guiding criterion for this list was that the films had to be good.

In fact, this list includes (in my opinion) some of the best, most unique Jesus films ever made. Check out the full list in my article for *catapult‘s “Ten Things 5″ and keep an eye out here for a new series, featuring a full review of each film on the list.

I listed the films in chronological order and the series will follow the same order for the series, beginning next week with Julien Duvivier’s 1933 film Golgotha.

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