My Passion of the Christ Article in New Identity Magazine

The Passion of the Christ is a singular moment in the history of Jesus films. Since before its theatrical debut, it has incited heated criticism, lofty praise and long debates about issues ranging from racial bigotry to violence in film. In my latest column for New Identity Magazine, I offer some ideas on viewing this film apart from its reputation.

At Easter, many Christians engage in an annual ritual of watching Jesus films. In a short time, The Passion of the Christ has become a film that tops many people’s lists of Jesus films to watch – and to avoid. This article became the basis for my upcoming paper and conference presentation, “Blood and Spirits: Viewing The Passion of the Christ as an Action/Horror Film.” The title has changed, but it’s the paper mentioned at the end of the article. It will be available soon right here at Read the latest volume of “The Space Between” below, or on the New Identity Magazine website.

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