Last Temptation vs. Superstar! HuffPost Stages “Best Jesus Movie” Challenge

The Huffington Post is letting readers decide the “Best Jesus Movie.” What’s your pick?

It’s a bracket-style bout pitting top Jesus films against one another and it’s getting quite interesting. Jesus Christ Superstar has beaten out The Last Temptation of Christ (much to my disappointment) but there’s still one round left!

Which film will come out on top? The Passion of the Christ? Or Monty Python’sd Life of Brian? You can help decide!

But, while we’re on the subject, let’s ask the obvious question:

Which film would you pick?

Answers below, please.

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4 Responses to Last Temptation vs. Superstar! HuffPost Stages “Best Jesus Movie” Challenge

  1. reneamac says:

    Yeah… I’m thinking a good handful of the HP online readers aren’t voting based on the films’ artistic merits… :(

  2. Kevin C. Neece says:

    Well, I’d say Superstar and Brian both have great artistic merits. But, Brian is just not a Jesus film. It’s on the periphery of the genre, but it certainly is not the best.

    You’re right, though, that films viewed as the more “subversive” members of the genre are much more likely to win on HuffPost.

  3. Kevin C. Neece says:

    I suppose I should clarify that I mean Jesus Christ Superstar because their original list actually includes the SNL film Superstar, in which Will Ferrell makes an appearance as Jesus. Again, strengthening the argument that artistic merit is at least not the highest consideration here. :)

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